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App Aware

Have you heard of the any of the following:

Facebook,, BBM, Bin Weevils, Chatroulette, Club Penguin,DeviantArt, Facebook Messenger, Google +, FMyLife, Habbo Hotel, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, YouTube

You wouldn’t be alone if the answer was No. They were the 15 most popular apps and websites used by children in 2016. The rate at which apps and social networking sites are being produced is incredible and physically not possible for most of us to keep pace with.

The NSPCC have joined forces with O2 to create a site that keeps up to date with the sites that your children use.

Sites and apps have safety features to help children keep in control – with or without your help.

These include things like privacy settings, or ways to block other users or content that they find upsetting. There are also ways to report anything upsetting to the people who run the sites.

Look out for these features, and teach your child to look for them too. It will help them to develop their own digital judgment skills and know how to get help if they need it.

You can find out more about the privacy and safety features for different networks on

Common Apps Support for Parents Guide Snap Chat (Please note this has an age restriction of 13+) Facebook (Please note this has an age restriction of 13+) Instagram (Please note this has an age restriction of 13+) You Tube