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Collective Worship

‘The celebration of Catholic liturgies and prayers as an integral part of the learning and teaching should enable the school community to become reflective, experience the presence of God and should develop a mature spiritual life.’ Rev Marcus Stock (2005)

At St Bernadette's we offer the children a range of opportunities to come together and worship; as a whole school, in our key stages and in our own class environments.

We follow a simple format in each liturgy and as the children grow in confidence they begin to plan and lead these.

To begin with we GATHER; a coming together in the name of the Lord and centering ourselves ready to take part. This is followed by LISTENING TO THE WORD. Reading are chosen from Scripture to support the message of the liturgy or as a reminder of what has been taught. The children are then encouraged to RESPOND. This may be through reflection, meditation, role play, imagery or simple questions. The final part is the MISSION. Here the children are asked to think about how they can live out the message of God's Word in their lives. They may be asked to think about their choices, make a prayer to take home or be given an action to carry out such as helping someone at home or in school.

The liturgy ends with a hymn or song and a closing prayer.