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How we deliver our curriculum

There are some key principles on which we’ve based our curriculum:

Curriculum Values 

St. Bernadette's is a Catholic school community committed to living out the mission of our faith and the vision of our school. We have developed a very unique design to our curriculum which permeates school policies and practices. Our school vision statement 'Live the Gospel and when necessary use words,' underpins our whole curriculum design. In order to embed this vision, we have designed a whole school approach (Nursery to Year 6) to curriculum delivery based on Gospel values. This does not mean children will learn the same skills or content regardless of their age, but does mean that children can support each other and share what they’ve learnt with each other more easily. 

Each value forms the basis of whole school and key stage liturgies, celebration assemblies, PSHCE lessons, behaviour and rewards and permeates through all areas of our curriculum and school life. 

A two-year cycle

In order to ensure consistency in coverage, balance  of subjects and progression in skills we operate a two-year rolling programme of curriculum aims and objectives -  ‘Year A’, some in ‘Year B’ (see Programmes of study) in each key stage. This means that teachers can share ideas and skills when planning for progression and learning, and provides opportunities for team teaching and key stage projects. This ensures consistency across all key stages and provides solid foundations for transition across each key stage.