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RE Curriculum

Our aims for the teaching of Religious Education are to enrich the lives of our pupils in the:

  • Love of God for everyone and everything He created
  • Understanding of the ‘Good News’ of the Lord, to enable ourselves and others to respond to God's love
  • Teaching of the Catholic faith
  • Growth of faith by relating the Gospels to their lives and levels of understanding, linked to our Mission Statement and the Come and See programme
  • Development of prayer and worship
  • Awareness and respect of other faiths and cultures


The school follows the recommended ‘Come and See’ Catholic Primary Education programme

Advent term

Domestic Church- Family

Baptism/Confirmation- Belonging

Advent/Christmas- Loving

Lent Term

Local Church- Community

Eucharist- Relating

Lent/Easter- Giving

Pentecost Term

Pentecost- Serving

Reconciliation- Inter-relating

Universal Church- World


Additionally, one week per year is spent studying Judaism and a week each on Islam.