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Religious Education

Religious Education is a core subject which is central to our whole school curriculum design. 

Our Religious Education curriculum is delivered through the Diocesan scheme of work called Come and See.

The programme is taught through 3 main areas; Church, Sacrament and Christian Living. In these areas children will be taught about their family, their local community, the sacraments such as baptism and marriage as well as key events in the Christian Church such as Advent, Easter and Pentecost.

Within each topic the children will follow 3 stages: Explore (discuss their initial responses), Reveal (learn, discuss and understand the topic) and Respond (reflect on and celebrate their learning).

There are also Multi-faith weeks which allow the children to learn about other world faiths.

Please see a sample of all stakeholders' opinions on Religious Education at St. Bernadette's. It would be impossible to share all comments but we have included some of our favourites. Enjoy!